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New Dell Sales Tool Can Reduce Dell Sales Call Times by 10 Percent or More, Substantially Improve Profitability

In the past, sales representatives who work at Dell call centers used as many as 40 different information systems to understand customers and meet their needs, which limited their ability to deliver an optimal customer experience. To address that challenge, Dell built the Integrated Dell™ Desktop (IDD), a smart client solution based on Microsoft® software. IDD provides everything that Dell sales representatives need to assist customers and sell the company's products within a single, easy-to-use desktop application—one designed from the ground up to support the sales process and optimize call center operations. Currently rolled out to more than 8,000 desktops at nine locations, the IDD smart client is helping deliver decreases in average call duration of 10 percent or more, a 45 percent decrease in training time, and improved profit per sale.

Thomson Financial

Leading Financial Data Provider Standardizes on Web Services for Product Delivery

Due to a history of growth through acquisition, Thomson Financial had multiple systems that delivered the same types of information and forced customers to access the company’s different offerings in different ways. To appear as a single company to customers and to reduce the cost of product delivery, Thomson Financial developed a common product delivery architecture—dubbed Thomson ONE—using Microsoft® .NET technology. Based on a reusable set of software services and a highly configurable desktop client, Thomson ONE solutions are helping the company enhance user productivity, integrate more deeply with customer systems, reduce IT costs, and accelerate time-to-market. With Thomson ONE solutions, the company can say “yes” to customers more often, letting customers—and not internal systems—dictate how Thomson Financial products are used.


Starbucks Supports Corporate Marketing Programs and Strategies with MapPoint Web Service

Starbucks had included a store locator on its Web site since 1999. But the service, maintained on a separate Web site by an outside vendor, was slow and expensive to update, and it lacked flexibility. So, Starbucks migrated to the Microsoft® MapPoint® Web Service to take advantage of MapPoint driving directions, route maps and international coverage. In addition, Starbucks now has the flexibility to add new features including new searchable categories such as store amenities, whenever it wants, without expense and delay. Because Starbucks hosts the store locator application itself, it can easily extend it to support other corporate marketing objectives, such as an annual community service campaign, Starbucks gift card and T-Mobile HotSpot Service Internet hot spots.

software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing