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Global Delivery Model

Strong Processes - Offshore Outsourcing Services & Business Process Outsourcing
Strong processes are the backbone of the Global Delivery Model. At Symbyo, detailed, documented and time-tested processes drive all our activities and interfaces.
  • Strong quality and project management processes ensure excellence in delivery.
  • World class processes for knowledge management and sharing encourage cross-pollination among teams.
  • Processes for managing talent ensure that your project gets the best and most motivated people.
  • Our processes for interaction and communication within teams make it possible for globally distributed groups to interface and collaborate seamlessly, delivering excellence.
At Symbyo, our teams believe in Process Osmosis. This is the planned diffusion of best practices, not only across engagements within Symbyo, but also between the client organization and Symbyo.

Our processes, while strong, lend ample space for creativity and flexibility. Honed over years, and benchmarked beyond the best, our processes enable the Global Delivery Model (GDM) to create far more value for you than traditional sourcing models. Here is what they translate into for you:

  • Quicker, seamless transitions, and early ownership
  • Optimum onsite/ offshore mixes through intelligent allocation of resources
  • High degree of predictability through processes and reuse
  • A strong relationship approach to ensure continuity and business-level focus
  • Sharing of best practices and tools
  • Depth and quality of resources, continuously retrained to suit project needs
  • Adherence to SLA based pricing models to ensure ROI and drive customer satisfaction
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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing