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Reducing the total cost of ownership through industrialization While labor costs are an important component of the total cost of application ownership, there are other factors to consider. Efficiency and productivity require careful assessment, as does the application infrastructure. But, a business must take special care to ensure that cost reductions are not exercised at the expense of process excellence. Symbyo rigorously applies the disciplines of industrialization, to ensure the company is “doing things right” through the following capabilities:

Global sourcing
Offering the scalability and flexibility of 24/7 access to extensive, industry leading capabilities worldwide. Using the Symbyo Delivery Center Network, clients can achieve improved productivity, mitigated risk and lower cost of delivery.

Integrated organization models
Forming high-performance teams that integrate multi-disciplinary resources with complementary skills, process excellence and a streamlined work environment. This organization ensures that services and solutions are provided to customers at an optimum level of quality while substantially reducing work effort, increasing productivity and maximizing the contribution of every team member.

Standard processes, methods and tools
The Symbyo Delivery Suite for Outsourcing gives our clients the ability to out-deliver and the confidence to out-perform by serving as our standard framework for building and delivering solutions reliably, quickly and collaboratively with reduced risk and lower costs.

Our capabilities support the application outsourcing life-cycle from transition through service delivery and include the following powerful assets:

Symbyo Rapid Transition Suite
Drives the efficient capture and transfer of knowledge for start up and operations of the new service environment.

Symbyo Performance Management Suite
Provides clients visibility and a higher degree of management control of Symbyo services and performance. Symbyo Service Management Suite Manages and controls the delivery of outsourced client services through a single, integrated approach.

Symbyo Application Optimization Suite
Evaluates and optimizes the value delivered by the portfolio of applications through an industrialized, comprehensive solution including assessment, renewal and portfolio management.

Metrics and performance management
Measuring application development and maintenance on a consistent and actionable basis. Since companies cannot manage what they do not measure, Symbyo provides visibility into business process and IT performance through automated dashboards. This allows quick access to information, demonstrates performance, tracks key goals, and enables effective management and control through business analytics and predictive management.

Quality and continuous improvement
Pursuing process and service excellence using proven industry and Symbyo frameworks and best practices.Symbyo uses CMMI®-compliant processes and a Six-Sigma®-based continuous improvement program to continually drive down cost, improve quality, increase repeatability and enable high performance.

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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing