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Identity Management

As your enterprise embraces e-business, your identity management needs become more and more pressing. You feel the need to have a single view of the customer across channels, so you can deliver targeted and personalized products and services. Your e-business customers must be managed, enabling self-care, thus reducing the load on your customer service. Also, you need to be able to derive business intelligence from a holistic view of different identities.

What does this translate into for your IS? You are now faced with the challenge of managing secure access to information and applications scattered across a wide range of internal and external computing systems. Your e-business systems must provide access to a growing number of users, both inside and outside the enterprise, without reducing security or exposing sensitive information. Your systems must also manage multiple versions of user identities across multiple applications and systems.

Our solutions encompass the complete lifecycle of all digital content in your enterprise. Our Enterprise Content Management solution framework is intended to help you define a holistic enterprise content management strategy and implement an integrated solution. We can plan, design and implement cost effective solutions to aid you in community building, collaboration, content publishing and back-office integration.

Symbyo' solution, DI, is an end-to-end proposition for your enterprise, without handoffs. We can rapidly deploy Digital I within your e-business using pre-integrated solution frameworks.

DI provides you double the value. You benefit from our speedy development and deployment cycle through reusable integration and security components. Over that, you also benefit from the reduced costs of user administration and security management.

DI can help you speedily realize business value:

  • Through an enhanced user experience, productivity and empowerment through simplified user sign-on, and by enhanced personalization of content and delivery of services through self-service processes.
  • Through efficient information management, by leveraging existing infrastructure to reduce unnecessary replication of information across various sites. DI reduces user ID management costs through self-service features.
  • By ensuring accountability, security and user privacy
  • By providing you with one view of multiple user identities.

Also see our services for creating and deploying Enterprise Content Management Systems

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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing