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Enterprise Information Portal

Need for Enterprise Information Portal
The volume of data and information available in an organization is growing exponentially, resulting in information overload. All of the information is not relevant to all users. Sifting through all the information to find relevant pieces impacts the productivity and efficiency of users. Hence, there is a pressing need for structuring information in a manner that ensures that only relevant information is available to users.

Enterprise Information Portal
An Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) can provide an environment that can be personalized to deliver only contextual digital content and services to all identified users (employees, customers, suppliers and partners) from any web-enabled device. Successful implementation of a portal ecosystem extending across and beyond the enterprise is a complex task.

An EIP is made up of several components (as shown below). These components can be classified into 3 basic categories:

Core EIP:
These are the components that form the backbone of any portal. The features include presentation and personalization of pages, administration, security features like encryption, authorization and authentication (Single sign-on), besides mandatory utilities like a dynamic search engine. Given the critical role it plays in the operation of a business, the system is designed to be highly reliable and available, with upwards of 99.97% uptime.

Business-driven EIP:
Given specific priorities, you may want specific add-ons. Using your input, we build in additional services like collaboration (via e-mail, messaging, document sharing, application sharing and chat), workflow management and monitoring, with the ability to change workflow processes, alerts, both via e-mail and to mobile devices, and Enterprise Content Management, where users can tailor the EIP to meet their individual requirements.

Integrated EIP:
We appreciate the fact that you may already have Business Intelligence, legacy and ERP applications. Our portal solution is designed to work seamlessly with them. We also ensure that it can access and use data from corporate databases across the enterprise.

Symbyo enterprise information portal works with you to establish an architecture that can scale to meet your current and future needs, evaluate, select and set up the appropriate portal servers, integrate the portal with your existing applications and implement a governance mechanism to bring order and predictability into the evolution and sustenance of the portal. Our approach follows a controlled, evolutionary implementation methodology that effectively manages technology changes and enables easy user adoption.

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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing