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Global Delivery Model

Solution and End-User Focus
The CMM framework works within Symbyo improving our ability to build superior quality software to defined client needs. A solution focus or an end-user focus to quality differs from software quality, because it takes a life-cycle view to quality. This shifts the focus to ensuring that the client needs are defined right. CMMI is the new version that will replace CMM in future

In our model, this extends our quality and process orientation from offshore development centers to onsite client-site teams and even to clients. Further, the CMMI approach integrating onsite operations with offshore is currently being rolling out across the enterprise.

Client-facing Activities

  Illustrative Tools & Methodologies

·       AD/M Outsourcing

·       Package Implementation

·       Systems Integration

·       CMMI QSD (Revised QSD based on CMMI

·       InFlux

·       Integrated Project Management

CMMI strengthens many areas beyond CMM. Some of these are:

  • Life cycle processes
  • Decision making framework within engagement delivery
  • Risk management
  • Quantitative Project management
  • Defect & problem prevention (continuous improvement)
The benefits of the CMMI model coupled with targeting specific improvement areas will bring improvement in individual project performance and collectively at account level performance. The CMMI model goes beyond the CMM framework - and the success of CMMI relies much more heavily on a customer's readiness to be a part of the quality program - and thereby yielding direct and tangible benefits to clients.


Client-facing Objectives

Typical Client-facing Metrics


·       Life-cycle quality

·       Requirements tracking

·       Requirements clarity

·       Defect Prevention

·       Reduction in scope change requests

·       Defects introduced in requirements

·       Business-outcome related metrics

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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing