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Global Delivery Model

Operations Focus To Quality
Outsourcing services focused on managing existing infrastructure and applications rely heavily on monitoring and exceeding service levels - from Symbyo to clients; and as well as from client's to their end-users. Hence, the focus on quality in such engagements or activities is on process improvements more than process quality. While CMM addresses some of the aspects of IT operations, the primary emphasis of CMM is software or product quality, or the software engineering process. Hence, Symbyo' approach to quality tracking leverages best-of-breed methodologies and frameworks such as Six-Sigma (for continuous improvement and high availability), and ITIL (for incident and problem management).

Client-facing Activities

  Illustrative Tools & Methodologies

·       AD/M Outsourcing

·       Production Support

·       Infra. Managed Services

·       Service-level Monitoring tools and dashboards

·       Incident management knowledge-bases

·       Remote monitoring and management tools

·       Six-Sigma for continuous process improvement

The tools and methodologies work within Symbyo based on defined inputs from clients or client-facing employees, to deliver software solutions to defined quality goals, summarized in the table below.


Client-facing Objectives

Typical Client-facing Metrics

·       Six Sigma

·       CMM

·       ITIL

·       ISO 9001

·       Process improvement

·       Performance predictability

·       Problem management

·       Productivity improvement

·       System / Resource Availability

·       Incident frequency / Criticality

·       Problem Response / Resolution times

·       TCO Reduction

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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing