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Global Delivery Model

Culture Of Quality
The quality culture at Symbyo is founded on well-evolved quality systems - the Quality Systems Documentation (QSD), Process Database and the Organizational Knowledge Database. The QSD is a comprehensive repository of all software life cycle and project management processes and methodologies. The Quality Department (QD) maintains and enhances this repository every quarter, based on experience gained from project implementations and benchmarking international practices. The QSD is available to all project personnel through the Intranet. It includes checklists, document templates and standards & guidelines for forms and coding.

Quality processes are used through the lifecycle of a project, from conceptualization to closure. Detailed checklists, standards, templates and guidelines exist within the processes to bring in rigor and predictability into every aspect of project planning and execution. These processes and templates exist across various types of projects (reengineering, migration, maintenance, development, package implementation, etc) to typify every aspect of the project (requirements analysis, change/ configuration management, tailoring, defect or schedule estimation, etc).

The Process Database consists of a project metrics database, process metrics database and a process-capability baseline. Project leaders use these to estimate effort, schedule tasks and predict defect levels during the project-planning phase. The process database is based on data from past projects and ensures that project plans are realistic. Further, project monitoring based on these metrics increases its effectiveness.

All quality systems are available on the organization wide Intranet. Honed over several years, these systems have facilitated the creation of a process-oriented mind-set at Symbyo. Symbyo' ability to commit and consistently deliver superior software solutions, hinges on these quality systems.

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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing