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Software Application Reengineering
Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) combines aspects of re-engineering and business process outsourcing, and rationalizes them to return value in a short span of time. This, of course, maximizes long-term prospects for your business.

How do you reinvent your business objectives with the ever-changing landscapes of technology?

Symbyo provides Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) solutions that assist you to fundamentally rethink and redesign how your organization will meet its strategic objectives. We emphasize on innovation, flexibility, quality service delivery, and cost control by re-engineering business methods and supporting processes using state-of-the-art BPR tools and methodologies.

Business Process re-engineering services address your need to leverage newer technology platforms, frameworks, and software products to transform IT systems and applications. Our Business Process Re-engineering applications help you:
  • Scale up to handle a larger user base
  • Effectively address operational or performance issues with current application portfolio
  • Achieve a higher degree of maintainability
  • Alleviate licensing and support issues with the older technologies
  • Improve user friendliness and portability of applications
  • Reduce costs associated with maintaining old and poorly documented legacy system
Symbyo' Business Process Re-engineering services are backed by delivery excellence, robust consulting capabilities and proprietary tools and frameworks.

How can we dramatically improve your odds?
  • Business and technology capabilities: Our teams of dedicated business and technology specialists work with project teams to understand systems and architect robust technology solutions for re-engineering or migration.
  • Re-engineering process: Coupled with CMM Level 5 re-engineering process, Symbyo achieves one of the best metrics in the industry.
  • Proprietary InFlux methodology: InFlux methodology aligns IT solutions to business requirements. It prescribes a methodical, process-centric approach to translate business requirements into clear IT solutions. It is a systematic and repeatable process that derives every part of the solution from the business process that will ultimately use it. InFlux uses models, methods, techniques, tools, patterns and frameworks to achieve a smooth translation of enterprise business objectives into an effective IT solution.
  • Project management capability: Our proprietary project management processes, well integrated project management tools, and senior management involvement at every stage of the project ensure that you will benefit from de-risked project management.
  • Business Process Re-engineering: We re-engineer your business processes to help you achieve performance improvements.
  • Flexible Architecture Definition: We define the new solution architecture to make any enhancement easy to implement.
  • Strong knowledge management disciplines: Symbyo has clearly-defined knowledge management process and support infrastructure, and has a number of knowledge assets on re-engineering in different technology platforms.
  • Risk Management: Our strong project planning and management processes reduce operational and other business risks.
  • Smooth rollout: Our strong project management and re-engineering processes ensure a smooth rollout of new technology platforms, organization-wide.
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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing