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SOA - Web Services Center of Excellence
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural strategy that helps achieve tighter Business-IT alignment by taking a three-dimensional perspective of the enterprise, viz. technology, people and processes. It uses standards-based interfaces to facilitate need-based access to IT resources spread over an enterprise network. SOA instills agility - a crucial quality for sustained business competitiveness - into enterprises by helping create flexible business processes and providing practical and cost-effective means of integration.

At Symbyo, our SOA Center of Excellence solve many, often-recurring, business processes; from delivering information between applications within disparate environments to enabling the cost-effective reuse of existing technology assets.

E-business solutions require the ability to efficiently deliver maximum performance to a highly variable number of users. In the world of cost reductions, building significant excess capacity into the infrastructure is not an option; capacity needs to continuously adjust to the volume. Symbyo does just that. Minimizing the cost associated with managing these environments is one of our top priorities.

Our ebusiness solutions leverage those platforms and enable those tools that are easy to deploy, have the ability to automatically add capacity as needed and deliver low cost of ownership through an integrated management framework.

Web Services solutions and ebusiness solutions emerge as catalysts for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the next generation architectural model that extends the flexibility and reach of existing IT infrastructure in enterprises. SOA brings many organizational benefits, including:

  • Flexibility on account of separation of interfaces and implementations, enhanced reuse in terms of shared services across multiple applications, business models, geographies etc.
  • Interoperability leading to automation of application to application communication
  • Preservation of investment in legacy
  • Control in the hands of business stakeholders instead of IT stakeholders, due to contractual interfaces of IT implementations.
In addition to the above, SOA provides certain advantages owing to standardization and virtualization. Key advantages include:

  • Cost-effective integration of applications as compared to conventional EAI solutions
  • Platform neutrality and agnosticism makes them the ideal choice for solutions involving data and information aggregation from heterogeneous sources across enterprises
  • Enablement of cross-enterprise business processes
  • Forming the basis for futuristic enterprise IT trends like grid computing, pervasive computing and Business Process Management (BPM).
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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing