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The Hiring process
The interview and hiring process at Symbyo is rigorous, no matter which side of the table you’re on. For us, we must carefully identify the very best candidates for our company. For you, it’s critical that you find the career path that makes the most of your strengths while fulfilling your interests.

Job search
The process begins with searching for a job opening that interests you, consider what you’d like to do, where you would like to live.
Apply for the right Job
Once you apply for a job that interest you by submitting your CV/resume, you will be contacted by our recruitment team if you are initially shortlisted for any of our positions posted on the website who will tell you what to expect and what it's like to work at Symbyo.
Pre-Interview Test
If our hiring team determined that you have the right skills for the position you will be invited to take a 45 – 90 minutes internet based technical assessment that will compare your technical abilities to the rest of applicants and help us identify top candidates for the position.
Phone interview
This in-depth 30 -40 minute interview is conducted by someone in a similar role who will try to assess your communication abilities, technical skills and proficiency, in order to help identify if you are a top candidate who should be brought in for in-person interviews.
Technical interview
Our onsite interview process for technical positions evaluates your core software engineering skills including: coding, algorithm development, data structures, design patterns, analytical thinking skills. During your interview, you'll meet with several software engineers across different teams who will give a cross-section view of Symbyo. Interviewers will ask you questions related to your area of interest and ask you to solve them in real time.

Our onsite interview process for business and general positions evaluate your problem solving and behavioral abilities. Remember, it's not a question of getting the answer right or wrong, but the process in which you use to solve it. Creativity is important.

We value the technical interview process as a means for us to get to know each other better. It is a chance for you to show us how you think through a real technology problems and for us to give you an example of the kinds of work we see everyday. For this reason, our interviewers prepare their interviews based on real cases and tend not to rely on brainteasers or theoretical problems. You'll be expected to step the interviewer through the key issues and propose a practical solution.

Experience interviews
In addition to the technical interview, you may have an experience interview in which the interviewer will use traditional resume questions, a mini-case based on your experience and/or behavioral questions to understand your past experience and gain an understanding of your interest in Symbyo. and if your personality and work ethic will fit within Symbyo. The behavioral questions involve asking you to describe your actions in a past experience in the context of a critical consultant skill..
Hire by committee
Virtually every person who interviews at Symbyo talks to at least four interviewers, drawn from both management and potential colleagues. Everyone's opinion counts, ensuring our hiring process is fair while maintaining high standards as we grow
Yes, it takes longer, but we believe it's worth it. If you hire great people and involve them intensively in the hiring process, you'll get more great people. We started building this positive feedback loop when the company was founded, and it has had a huge payoff.
What happens next
Following your interviews, we will decide if you are suitable for the job opening. We take hiring very seriously and like to make consensus based decisions. To that end, it can take up to two weeks for us to make a definitive decision as to whether we'd like to have you join the team. Please be patient with us – your recruiter will keep in touch with you when feedback has been received and decisions made. Also feel free to get in touch with your recruiter at any time.

software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing