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Telecommunications - Telecom Infrastructure
Since the telecom industry is facing competition and high customer pressure, companies need to be fast and reactive whilst simultaneously maintaining low operational costs. Symbyo helps you achieve that by providing advanced and innovative Telecom Infrastructure solutions across multiple platforms and environments.

Symbyo Telecom infrastructure services span a decade of proven expertise. We provide design, development, testing, automation and sustenance support at a fraction of the cost, and at superior quality to enable you to stay focused on profitability. Our services provide you with reliable, scalable and integrated solutions that can meet complex Telecom Infrastructure needs.

Our end-to-end solution-driven approach, breadth and quality of expertise in Telecom infrastructure solutions is the ideal partner for you, in dealing with emerging challenges in the telecommunications industry.

Our technology portfolio includes:

  • Access products covering Broadband Access products DSLAM, CMTS systems and traditional narrowband RAS
  • L3-7 enterprise switches focusing on services and core IP routers
  • Wireless Products related to GSM, GPRS, UMTS and CDMA and WLAN technologies
  • Network Management and Element Management Systems
  • Convergence & Collaborative Products of VOIP devices, Media Gateways, Soft Switches, Signaling gateways, IN Systems
  • Transport products of SONET ADM, SONET Cross Connects, MSPP
  • Wireless Internet applications - Mobile portals, Voice portals, Location based services, SMS based applications
  • Billing and mediation systems
  • Security products firewalls, NAT, IDS, Access Gateways, etc.
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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing