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Today's companies deem it critical to have a virtual extension of their IT groups at an offshore location. Symbyo provides you with the exact need and removes the agony and risks of creating one from scratch.

An Offshore Development Centers is a dedicated offshore development team that is solely engaged in developing and testing software solutions and applications for your business thus acting as a virtual extension of your development teams.

Our Offshore Development Centers provides your enterprise with the best-in-class people, processes, infrastructure and executive commitment. Symbyo offshore application development centers has been fine-tuned over years of experience with several leading companies, incorporates industry best practices and ensures a greater value-add for our clients. High learn ability, sustained focus and ability to rapidly understand how your business drivers contribute to a sustained long-term benefit.

The key benefits of the Symbyo Offshore Development Center include:
  • Business De-risking: Symbyo provides you a long term, reliable partner who respects your IP and understands your business imperatives. Symbyo service spread spans the entire spectrum of software application development and maintenance services. Symbyo predictability delivers to your unpredictable business needs of capacity and capability, while ensuring that the management overheads are low. Symbyo is thus best suited to be the much needed additional offshore partner.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership: This is achieved by ensuring that a large part of the software development work is executed at our offshore centers. Symbyo ability to deliver commitments on time, quality, cost further ensures the same. This model for software development guarantees cost savings up to 35% within the first 18 months.
  • Reduced time to Market: Symbyo' ability to meet the capacity, capability and innovation needs of your company ensures a reduced time to market the new applications.
  • Focus on Your Core Business: While Symbyo focuses on sustaining the innovation and handling a large part of the software application development activities, your executives and engineers can focus on the core business activities that would create further competitive advantage for your company.
  • Sustained profitability: Symbyo is a single stop shop for all activities in R & D, IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The ODC with its dedicated focus for you provides the long term benefit to your company.
  • Predictability: with Symbyo you can sleep well at night. Symbyo has pioneered and mastered the processes, tools, and methodologies required for predictability of transparency, predictability of delivery and predictability of commitment.
The offshore software development center is based on a well-grained framework that includes offshore best practices, offshore processes for project planning, tracking and improvement, offshore lab and infrastructure setup, roles and responsibilities and business models. Executive commitment, good planning, time zone advantages and seasoned project teams combine to deliver measurable business results to you. With state-of-the-art communication facilities and infrastructure, our offshore development centers work as a virtual extension of our client's development environment providing 24/7 service.

The offshore development center is made up of multiple teams that work for you. Each team provides software engineering service on application (family) with activities spanning application development, application sustenance, application testing and other services. The processes & methodology at the ODC closely follow that of your company and can be viewed as virtual extensions of your development teams.

The offshore product development center can be started with the first Symbyo project team working on 'one' activity on the application. This enables the basic lab & Infrastructure setup at offshore while ensuring that the learning experiences are absorbed. The next few quarters can then focus on scaling up the offshore operations on additional service lines and activities.

Symbyo proven depth and breadth in domain and technology expertise ensures that all the above needs are met.

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software outsourcing company - Offshore Software Development - software development outsourcing